Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Fragrance Picks

1. Eau Fraiche - Versace: This is actually a cologne I stole from my boyfriend.  He never wears the same scent two days straight so NO this is NOT on my list because I like to smell my man on me all day, I actually just love the scent! It is so fresh and citrusy, definitely a new favorite!

2. Alien - Thierry Mugler:  ALIEN is just a staple. Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer. No matter how long I wear it, it never gets old. 

3. PoP Collection - CoSTUME NATIONAL:  An homage to Andy Warhol, these brightly colored bottles are so chic!! The fragrance is feminine - an elixir of floral and citrusy scents.  I need to get my hands on this ASAP. 

4.Vengeance Extreme - Juliette Has a Gun: Romano Ricci's newest fragrance, Vengeance Extreme is a Chypre scent enhanced with notes of patchouli and Bulgarian rose giving it a fresh, floral and characteristically provocative air.  Mmmmm such a sexy wear!

5. Jimmy Choo Fragrance: In addition to how cute this Murano glass bottle looks on my vanity, this fragrance is just awesome.  I first saw it a few months ago at Bloomingdales when a sales girl attacked me with it, but I'm glad she did because I've been thinking about it ever since and finally, I just had to have it. 

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