Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Willem de Kooning

Sitting Woman - c. 1940

This weekend I'll be going to the MoMA to check out the de Kooning: A Retrospective exhibition which follows Willem de Kooning's works throughout his career and I absolutely can't wait!  For those of you who won't make it to New York before January 9, 2012 when the exhibition ends, I chose some of my favorite works from the MoMA site for your viewing pleasure.

 The following are various depictions of women by the artist between the 1940's-1960's.  I love this sort of exhibit because it allows you to get a full gauge of the individual's evolution as a person and an artist.  As de Kooning matures artistically, his art becomes more and more abstract and his use of brush strokes and paint is more expressive.  I could go on and on trying to analyze but I'll let you take a look for yourself! And if you want to see more (as there are lot's of great pieces) check out the MoMA exhibition site.

Portrait of Elaine  - c. 1940-1941

Pink Lady - 1944

Pink Angels - 1945

Woman - 1948

Woman - 1950 

Woman I - 1950-1952

Woman, Sag Harbor - 1964

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