Friday, August 19, 2011

VOGUE, I love you..

A couple of months back, as I was walking home with my boyfriend from the Neue Galerie (see here:, I stumbled upon one of my most exciting moments to date since I moved to New York.  Sure, like all New Yorkers I've run into my share of celebrities and walked through countless Gossip Girl sets..but on this serendipitous afternoon, something extraordinary happened. This was no TV show or film taping. When I saw the model (Karlie Kloss), the vans and the clothes, I knew it was not some Parsons student project -- and then it happened. "OMG, this is VOGUE!" I gasped, as I spotted Giovanna Battaglia among the small crew; unmistakably chic, just like she looks in all of the editor style shots I browse [daily].  Since that afternoon, I've been eagerly waiting to find the shot [I'd watched be taken] in one of my monthly Vogue issues.  I hadn't had much luck and it is no wonder since I just came across it on a blog featuring an editorial from Vogue Nippon. My moment has come full circle now, the search is over. My ultimate New York moment lives in this shot. VOGUE, I love you..

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