Friday, May 25, 2012

Birchbox Favorites

1. Twistband Hair Tie - As a kid my mom was always on my case about wearing my hair-ties on my wrists -- she thought it looked awful!! These hairbands are the perfect compromise because they double as a cute wrist accessory :)
2. BVLGARI Mon Jasmin Noir - I love jasmine scents, and nobody does sophisticated floral fragrances quite like BVLGARI.
3. Stila Eyeshadow - The first shadow I ever owned was Stila and to this day I still have my 4-pan compact and use it every day of my life.  These shadows are great beauty staples, and not so pricey. My favorite shade is Dune.
4. Deborah Lippmann Stripper To Go - I cannot imagine anything more convenient than these polish removing wipes!!Chipped polish is like nails on a chalkboard..I can't stand it!! When one is ruined, they all have to go..ASAP! These are a MUST-HAVE.
5. Lipstick Queen Chubby - This little number is fantastic. It goes on glossy, easy, keeps your lips moisturized and provides just the right hint of color. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
6. TOCCA SPF Wipes - Sun protection is really important to me and these wipes make it hassle-free to touch up all day.  They are also great for traveling since they don't spill and can be carried right onto to your flight!
7. ZOYA Polish - Zoya is an amazing nail polish brand! Unfortunately, it isn't as readily available as others. I discovered the brand a couple of years ago at a nail salon in DC but I've hardly seen it again. Their colors are great, and they last on the nail! Their polish remover is also really nice. So, I order online and I'm so happy Birchbox carries it!!
8. & 9. Kiehl's Shampoo & Conditioner - During a stay at the 60 Thompson is when I first got hooked on Kiehl's and ever since I make sure to keep my bathroom stocked.  They smell amazing!!!
10. Coconut Cream Pie Larabar - I am HOOKED on these coconut cream pie Larabars! They are so good! It all started when I was on a Vegan diet and looking for a delicious, healthy dessert option..and VOILA! The snack size is perfect and buying them by the dozen is definitely more economical than getting them one by one at Whole Foods! Win/Win/Win
11. Anastasia Brow Gel - Like Stila, Anastasia is one of those brands that has been in my makeup box since I knew what makeup was. I have thick brows, so brow care is ESSENTIAL and my mother only buys Anastasia for her brows.. they don't say "moms know best" for nothing!

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